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Company corporate number  6-040001086062
TDB company code 337012595
Company Name
Head office: 1-3-14 Hiroo, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture
Date of company establishment May 29, 2014
1. Consulting on IT services
2. Support services related to system development and introduction
3. Provision of system engineer services
4. Provide system programmer service
5. Planning and management of apparel stores
6. Restaurant planning and management
7. Recruitment service
8. Worker dispatch business
9. Paid employment placement business
10. Purchase and sale of antiques and second-hand goods 
11.Planning, designing, implementing, operating and managing projects related to environmental protection and social contribution activities
12. Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, import and export of marine sports equipment and related products
13. Advertisement, publicity, planning, drafting, production and implementation of events
14. Any business incidental to the preceding items 


*Increased sales = increased riskSales minimization Profit maximizationFrom 2021Gross margin improvement

* 1 employee, undertaking consulting, development and BPO by myself


TDB company code 337012595

Profit and loss calculation (from March 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021)


Sales (R04)      XXX,XXX,XXX yen(X.XX times)

売 上 高(R03)        60,647,985 yen(0.70 times)

売 上 高(R02)        86,003,036 yen(1.18 times) 

売 上 高(R01)        72,888,941 yen(1.10 times) 

売 上 高(H30)        66,285,485 yen(1.52 times) 

売 上 高(H29)        43,574,394 yen(1.38 times)

売 上 高(H28)        31,414,500 yen(2.01 times)

売 上 高(H27)        15,592,386 yen(2.43 times)

売 上 高(H26)          6,415,200 yen


Capital  10 million yen (capital increase on November 1, 2018) Director   Tetsuji Okumura

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