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■Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the inquiries we receive from our customers and what you should check before contacting us.
I will describe.
In addition, we will also introduce the advantages and disadvantages of cloud services that we are good at.
How long does it take to develop?
It depends entirely on the case. After receiving your order, it will take a week for a quick project, and more than 6 months for a long project. If you want to use a cloud service and only need minor customization, it will take about 3 weeks from the time you place your order. Please refer to the flow until service in.



One of the advantages of using cloud services is that the development period and cost are overwhelmingly fast and cheap*. Depending on the function you want to add, it is much more cost-effective than developing it from scratch, and it may be possible to achieve it in a short time. However, if you equip it with a certain amount of advanced functions and multiple functions, the development period and cost will increase little by little. Therefore, at the stage when cloud services are established in a certain amount of work, it is necessary to have a medium-term vision such as "what system" is responsible for "what range of work", and as a result, "what kind of effect" and "by when". It's going to be When utilizing up to this stage, a dedicated SIir will support the creation of the customer's IT investment plan.
*If using PaaS, please refer to SIir work.
What if I want to add functionality later? ​


​This occurs after the customer places an order with us. In some cases, even if we have many meetings before placing an order and ultimately decide not to adopt, no cost will be incurred.
At what stage does the cost come from?


Unfortunately, no system in the world can maintain perfect security.
Any system, anywhere, has vulnerabilities.
This is not just about cloud services, but I think the following two points are important in keeping corporate information confidential.
(1) Security incidents are up-to-date.
The older the system, the weaker the protection against external attacks.
(2) Mutual monitoring with a third-party organization for security is thorough.
A server that is managed by receiving timely feedback not only from its own company but also from an auditing organization, etc., will not be fatally damaged no matter how huge the server is and becomes the target of an attack.
From that point of view, it is no exaggeration to say that cloud services that handle the important information of business partners have more robust security., introduced on this site, has a data center in Japan and is the largest cloud service company that handles ministries, finance, and medical fields. However, cloud services entrust data to the outside. Of course, it is not suitable for companies that do not want to store information outside the company, and the biggest disadvantage is that there is a non-zero possibility that "data will be blown away (lost) in a disaster, etc." However, in principle, data recovery is not guaranteed.) Make good use of cloud services while taking regular backups on a daily basis.
Are cloud services secure? ​


Please contact us using the email icon below.
At that time, if you write the service type you want to adopt in the message, the flow will be very smooth after that.
I really want to meet you and have a detailed meeting!
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