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Once you have clarified your goals and decided on the scope of your system approach, select the services and scope you would like to adopt, and use this as a rough estimate of your investment costs.

before that···

As I touched on the system development page, the issues you face are not independent of each other, but are intricately intertwined from the perspective of "business". The effective introduction of IT solutions is called "systematization".

Well, is the goal to make the business more efficient? Is it a richer life and productive activities? Please feel free to contact us as our team will support you in planning.

Please see the link below for examples of solutions.


■ Database starting from scratch

*For any service, support is provided free of charge for 30 days after installation.

*In order to produce system effects in the medium term, it is strongly recommended to secure SIir as standard creation support before development.

*Assuming the use of cloud services, so-called server purchase costs are zero.

■ Homepage start kit starting from scratch

*For any service, we provide free support for 30 days after installation..

■Flame welcome! Project progress support

*The price is an average guideline. Assign personnel with skill sets according to the project.

*Prices are per month.

*Our company is classified as an IT consulting business. The contract is, in principle, a quasi-mandate contract.


■We solve without spending money! ? Consultation is free.

Depending on the content of the consultation, we actively engage in volunteer activities to avoid billing (laughs).

If the customer smiles, the result is all right! Please contact us first.

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