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Streamline translation with CAT tools! What is a CAT tool that is easy to review?


Basic knowledge of CAT tools suitable for translation!

If you want to improve the efficiency of translation work with CAT tools,Laughteyproposed byTranslation Memory Form”. The number of characters is unlimited, and the fee is set for each requested manuscript. It is recommended when you want to finish a large amount of translations such as specifications and manuals with high quality.

It is said that one translator can manually translate about 6 pages (1500 words) per day. If you want to make translation work more efficient or reduce translation costs and labor, introducing a CAT tool will bring you various benefits. Here, as knowledge about CAT tools, we will explain the advantages, disadvantages, differences from machine translation, etc.

"Translation Memory Form" is characterized by the fact that the speed increases as the database accumulates, and the accuracy of the second translation also increases. The accuracy of the translation improves with each use, so the longer you use it, the better the cost performance will be.

Inquiry formPlease feel free to contact us if you are considering translation work using CAT tools.

Improve translation quality with CAT tools!

A CAT tool is a program that facilitates the translation process. There are various advantages such as speed improvement when translating, avoidance of translation omissions, uniformity of terminology, efficiency of collaborative work, etc. We will explain the features and types of CAT tools for those who want to know about CAT tools and those who are considering introducing them. In addition, we will also introduce useful information for companies that regularly perform a large amount of translation work, so please refer to it.


what kind of tool?

CAT is an abbreviation for Computer Assisted Translation, which is a tool that a computer helps with translation work. Using a CAT tool enables more efficient and high-quality translation. I will explain the main functions of the CAT tool.

◇Translation memory

Translation Memory, commonly known as "TM", is a database of past translations. You can refer to historical data when translating new sentences, and create and update the translation memory of the sentences from there.


Therefore, as the amount of translation increases, the database will be enriched, eliminating the need to repeatedly translate the same sentences or similar words. In addition, you can reduce time and costs, prevent notation fluctuations, and improve quality.

◇ Glossary

When translating, there are generally agreements on terminology within the company and on a project-by-project basis. If you do not use a CAT tool, you will have to refer to a glossary compiled in Excel, etc., to see if there is a description, which is time-consuming.


On the other hand, when the CAT tool is set as a glossary, when a registered word appears in the original text, it is highlighted in bold and the translated word is displayed next to it. This eliminates the need to refer to separate files, and easily achieves consistency in terminology.

◇ Cooperation with machine translation

Machine translation, commonly known as "MT", is the translation work performed by a computer when performing automatic translation (mainly speech translation). Many CAT tools support machine translation, enabling speedy and low-cost translation. However, even though the accuracy of machine translation is improving rapidly, it is important to note that human confirmation and correction are still essential.

Laughtey's Translation Memory Form takes no learning curve. Please feel free to contact us.



There are two types of CAT tools: "local base (desktop type)" and "cloud base (cloud type)".

◇ Local base (desktop type)

A local-based CAT tool purchases the software and installs it on your own computer. Once installed, you can work without connecting to the Internet in principle. You can also create translation files, translation memories, glossaries, etc. from scratch on your own computer.

Since work can be done without an internet connection, there is almost no interruption of work due to external factors, and there is the advantage of being able to work stably.


On the other hand, the file format and operation methods are complicated, and it takes time to get used to them. Also, it can be said that the cost burden is a disadvantage, such as "the software is expensive" and "the cost of upgrading is irregular".

◇Cloud-based (cloud type)

Cloud-based CAT tools purchase services (accounts) on a flat monthly basis. The initial cost is cheaper than the local base, and since it is a subscription, there is no upgrade fee. In addition, it is relatively simple to make, so you can work intuitively even for the first time. It can be used in different environments such as Windows, Mac, and tablet terminals.

The disadvantage is that depending on the product, you may not be able to work at all without connecting to the Internet. However, troubles such as file corruption or being unable to read the glossary do not occur during work. The advantage is that the information can be updated in real time.

The "Translation Memory Form" proposed by Laughtey converts the time-consuming and labor-intensive work of "inputting translations into a given format" into a database. Low cost and high performance are realized.


Reviewing is easy with CAT tools!

CAT tools have various advantages for translators and administrators (orderers). In addition, the speed and accuracy of translation work are increasing due to the spread of machine translation such as Google Translate and the rapid increase in accuracy. Here, we will also explain the advantages of CAT tools and the differences from machine translation.


Get to know the benefits!

CAT tools have many advantages.

◇ It is possible to prevent notation fluctuations

Since there is a function that allows you to register a glossary, when a corresponding word appears during translation work, it will be highlighted and the translated word will be displayed automatically. Not only does it save you the trouble of checking the glossary each time, but it also prevents spelling inconsistencies.

◇ You can unify repetitive sentences

When translating, the same sentences often come up repeatedly. The same sentence cannot be consistent unless it is translated in the same way. The CAT tool automatically displays the translation when the same sentence appears. In addition to unifying the text, it also leads to an increase in work efficiency.


◇ Easy project management

Even when multiple people are working on translation, the files to be translated are diverse, or many translation projects are running at the same time, the project manager can easily check and contact the work content and progress status. it is possible to take In addition, information can be updated in real time and shared with translators, leading to improved quality control and work efficiency.

◇ Easy to review

Reviewing translated documents is also easy with CAT tools. Since the original text and the translated text can be displayed side by side, you can easily compare and correct them. In addition, since there is no need to create and transfer troublesome files via the administrator side, project management and review are smooth. This not only saves time, but also increases productivity.

- Compatible with all file formats

There are various file formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Some of them are difficult to translate, such as lacking a proofreading function or having a complicated layout. CAT tools can import most files. Also, since the original Japanese and English are displayed in parallel for each sentence, it is very easy to read and work. The translated text will automatically have the same layout as the original text, so you can improve efficiency.

Laughtey's "Translation Memory Form" is completed simply by providing the data you want to translate. There is also a trial period, so please feel free to contact us.


Difference from machine

Machine translation (MT) is often confused with CAT tools. Machine translation is automatic translation by a computer, without human involvement. It is a mechanism that finds and presents the closest translation to a word or sentence from a huge database of words and translations. Even long sentences can be translated instantly, so it is ideal when speed is a priority.


In addition, there are free and easy-to-use translation software such as Google Translate, as well as paid translation software that can translate a large amount of characters, so you can choose according to your purpose.

However, since there are cases where the translation is inaccurate, it is necessary to finally confirm and correct it by a human. It is difficult to correct sentences that have been machine-translated once, and it is often the same time and cost as translating the original text from scratch.


On the other hand, CAT tools are tools that help humans translate. Functions such as translation memory and glossaries suggest translations that are suitable for the context, so you can create high-quality translations that are easy to read and natural. However, it has the disadvantage of being more expensive than machine translation and requiring a certain amount of time for translation.


◇ Make good use of CAT tools and machine translation

Many CAT tools support machine translation, and by selecting the engine you want to use on the tool, you can machine translate the original text you want to translate. It is a good idea to use machine translation to roughly translate the contents of the original text and check and correct it on the tool, depending on the cost, time, accuracy, etc.


Easy and low-cost translation with "Translation Memory Form"!

Translation services with unit price per character are easy to compare prices, and there are many translation companies, so you can use it easily. However, if you need to translate repeatedly, the cost is likely to be a burden. Purchasing translation software does not guarantee instant satisfaction. It takes a lot of time and effort to enter translations into a fixed format.


Laughtey's "Translation Memory Form" sets up a translation memory for each format decided from the beginning. By creating a database from the format, we have achieved low cost and high performance. We also have a trial period, so please feel free to contact us first.

「Translation Memory Form」で翻訳が簡単・低コスト!

Laughtey if you want to improve the efficiency of translation with CAT tools

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