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What is the content of the translation agency service, which companies are recommended, and what is the point of the request?


Explanation of the points when requesting a translation agency service!

If you are thinking of requesting a translation agency service,LaughteyDifferent from the general-purpose AI automatic translation service ofTranslation Memory Form”.

As globalization progresses, opportunities to use foreign languages in trade and business are increasing. Translation services are convenient when you need to translate specifications or contracts written in Japanese into a foreign language. What are the advantages of using a translation agency service? Here, we will explain what a translation agency service is, how to choose a translation agency, and points when requesting a translation agency.

"Translation Memory Form" enables speedy delivery by creating a database for each predetermined format and performing machine translation. There is no limit on the number of characters, and the fee is set for each requested manuscript.

Inquiry formIf you are considering using a translation agency service, please feel free to contact us.

Features of translation agency service Recommended translation agencies are also introduced

Translation agency, as the name suggests, is a service that acts as a translation business. We will take care of the work of converting the manuscript created by the client side into other languages. If you use the Internet, etc., you can create an environment in which you can translate within the company or as an individual. Then, in what cases should you request a translation agency? We will introduce the contents and features of the translation agency service.


Features of the translation agency service

The features of the services provided by the translation agency are as follows.

◇ High translation accuracy

Many of the translation agencies have professional translators and native speakers working with them. Since the translation is done by a professional, it is characterized by a higher accuracy of translation compared to free translation sites.


Translation agencies mainly use human translation, so they can handle detailed nuances that cannot be picked up by machines. However, some companies have introduced machine translation technology.


◇ Corresponding to various specialized fields

If you want highly accurate translation, you need to understand the technical terms and trends in each field before working. However, the current situation is that it is difficult to translate specialized in the field on the translation site. On the other hand, if you use a service provided by a translation agency, it is possible to specialize in the genre and field of the requested manuscript. There are various formats and genres such as general business documents, contracts, certificates, manuals, etc. In addition, you can request according to the field of the manuscript, such as medical, financial, fashion, etc.

◇Many languages supported

The languages that translation agencies can handle vary depending on the agency. There are also companies that translate dozens of languages, including general English and Chinese, as well as Asian languages and European languages. In terms of translation, there are places that can handle not only Japanese to foreign languages, but also foreign languages to Japanese, and foreign languages to other foreign languages. It is safe to check in advance how far the contractor will respond.


List of recommended translation agency services

We will introduce recommended translation agencies. Please use this as a reference when choosing a translator.

◇ Developing translation concierges for customers “Laughtey”

◇ “WIP Japan” to create a world where people can understand each other

◇ “Growa” aiming for 3WIN (triple win)

◇ Supporting business with high-quality translation "atglobal Co., Ltd."


How to choose a translation agency service provider / points when requesting

There are many translation agencies, and even if you decide to ask for one, you may be at a loss as to which one to choose. Since you are going to spend a lot of money to request translation, you want to choose a company that provides satisfactory translation. Choosing a translation company is important not only for the translation itself, but also for the success of your business. Here, we will introduce how to choose a translation company that does not fail and points to consider when making a request.


Choosing a translation agency service that does not fail

When choosing a translation agency, price and speed are of course important, but if you choose only that, you may regret it. When choosing a contractor, it will be easier to compare the market price etc. if you ask for quotes from multiple companies, not just one company.

◇ Does it correspond to the field of the requested manuscript?

It is necessary to check in advance whether it can handle the field of the manuscript you want to translate. Also, it is important to choose a translation agency that has a proven track record in the field, not just whether it is handled. Larger firms tend to be broader, while smaller firms tend to specialize in specific areas.


◇ Do you present the work process in advance?

Depending on the translation agency and plan, proofreading work may be omitted, or unnecessary processes may be included, resulting in higher fees. If the contractor presents the work process in advance, it is possible to check in advance. Make sure that the necessary processes are properly entered and that there are no unnecessary processes before making a request.

Beware of cheapness and speed

If the price or speed is extremely cheap or fast, you need to be careful. There is also the possibility that problems may occur in the process and quality, such as eliminating the necessary processes to reduce costs, or having multiple people work to speed up the process, resulting in variations in the expression of the translated sentences. It is a point that you want to be careful about, such as whether the price and speed are too far from the market price.

◇ Responding to inquiries

The speed of response when making inquiries and the accuracy of answers to questions are important points in measuring the ability of the company to respond. By having a thorough meeting with the translation agency, we can share the image and lead to a satisfactory level of delivery. Precisely because you entrust important manuscripts, you want to choose a company that will handle them properly. As a first step, let's check the response at the time of inquiry.


Points to note when requesting a translation agency service

◇Matters to be confirmed at the time of estimate

Confirm the amount and delivery date. In general, the price is determined by the number of characters, but it is important to check the details such as half-width characters and alphanumeric characters.

The delivery date is not only the number of days, but it is also a point that you want to check the breakdown and process. In addition, there are cases where proofreading work is charged separately, so you need to be careful when handling options.

◇ Share the content and image after completion

It is important to share the image of the writing style and atmosphere after translation with the translation agency. For example, the same English is translated differently depending on whether it is American English or British English.


When requesting a translation, it is easier to make the content more understandable to the other party by telling them the region, language, age, etc. of the intended reader of the translation. Please describe your wishes in as much detail as possible.

Some vendors offer free trials, so it is recommended that you try them out to get an idea of what they are doing.

to schedule a meeting

It is desirable to have the manuscript to be translated completed at the time of request. If the manuscript cannot be submitted by the deadline, the delivery date and schedule may be delayed, resulting in unnecessary time and costs. However, due to the nature of the work, there may be cases where the work is requested without being completed. In such cases, please discuss this with us in advance.

◇ Management of terms and styles

Repeated or regular requests may continue to use the same terminology and style. If you create a glossary (bilingual table) and style sheet in advance, you will be able to save time and effort at the next request, and you will be able to negotiate the price. If you are considering a continuous request, we recommend that you consult in advance about terminology and style management.


Request a translation agency service that can also be used for trade business!

There are many companies that provide translation agency services, and there are differences in the languages, specialties, specialties, translation processes, and service contents that are supported by each company. In business, it is important to choose a reliable company to get the translation you want. ​Laughtey offers a translation agency service that offers even better cost performance through repeated use. If you are looking for a translation agency, please feel free to contact us.


Leave it to Laughtey for translation agency services!
About “Translation Memory Form”, a low-cost learning translation service

In recent years, translation services (translation agency services, translation software) have adopted the idea of creating a database of translated texts and recycling them.Translation Memoryis becoming more popular.

In the case of both translation agency and translation software, the idea is that "if you want to use it for a long time, you want to automatically learn the translation once translated by AI, etc., and automatically translate it at a low cost (low cost) and use it repeatedly." , is what is called a CAT tool.


Some translation software has this function called translation memory as standard, and by setting the dictionary values yourself, you can repeatedly improve the accuracy of translated words and achieve long-term cost performance. I'm doing it.


However, in addition to "translation accuracy" and "translation cost", what is required for translation services is"Format"is considered important.Enter the translated word in the specified format. This is actually the most time consuming and labor intensive task.

In the case of a translation agency service, it is not uncommon for an optional fee to be charged for complicated formats, and to reproduce the format with translation software, considerable skill is required, and once the format is decided, it is easy to do. cannot be changed.The most labor intensive part of translation is "transcription of translated words"..


Laughtey SuggestsTranslation Memory Form (TMF)Then, set the translation memory at once for each format (format) decided from the beginning,"From format to database"This enables low cost and high performance.


  • Leave the setting of the translation dictionary to Laughtey! No software operation is required.

  • We will calculate the unit price per delivery item in a fixed form without character limit.

  • Realize overwhelming cost performance by using repeatedly!


Repetitive industry terms are memorized, and general terms are machine-translated. By repeatedly using (nurturing)You can permanently use translations with the precision of a dedicated concierge at an amazingly low price.. In addition, we free our customers from the most labor-intensive and cumbersome work of "transcription to forms."

If you are looking for a translation agency, go to Laughtey

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