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That cospa is overwhelming.


Translate the whole file!

A high-performance translation machine?
High unit price translation outsourcing?

Are you really satisfied with the translation cost?


​ for you

Would you like to develop a translation concierge?


​Laughtey suggests
Learning type cheap translation service
Translation Memory Form

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[Mainstream translation business is unit price per character]

How to calculate the translation cost

(1) A method of calculating based on the original text before translation and

② There is a method of calculating based on the translated sentence.

The price per character varies from company to company.

As a general rate, Japanese to English translation costs 5 to 15 yen per character. English to Japanese translation costs 7 to 25 yen per character.

However, the fee varies depending on the language to be translated (English, Chinese, etc.) and the content of the text (instruction manual, product specification, etc.).

More specialized fields than general document translation and product introduction, such as medical, financial, food raw materials, etc.

Translation delivery reports are expensive.

Advantages of translating at a rate per character
- Easy to compare with others. (Comparison is possible with unit price per character.)
・Easy to rely on. (Requests can be made in units of one. However, be careful of the minimum charge!)

Disadvantages (Points to Note) of Single Character Translation
・Repeated use increases the running cost.
・ Depending on the setting of the minimum charge, it will be expensive.

* What is minimum charge?
It is the "minimum order amount (charge)" set by each company.
If the translation report you want to request is 1,000 characters and the unit price per character is 10 yen, the cost will be 10,000 yen by simple calculation.
 If the translation agency charges a minimum charge of 30,000 yen, the fee will be 30,000 yen even if the translation target is 1,000 characters.
That's what it means.

Translation services with unit price per character are easy to compare prices and there are many translation companies, so it is a big advantage that you can use it easily.
However, if there are many technical terms, or if the work requires repeated or regular translation, running costs may be squeezed.
also,In the case of repeated translations, it is more cost-effective to purchase specialized translation software or machines and self-reflect on the translation work in-house.I guess.


[Translation software is a mixture of gems]

Regardless of whether it is paid or free, just because you have purchased translation software,It is unlikely that you will get a satisfactory translation result immediately.
It is necessary to take steps to optimize the translation software environment, such as preparing user dictionaries according to the subjects and fields of specialization that you often use.
After all, it takes a certain amount of familiarity and proficiency to get the results you want.
However, translation software specialized in specific fields is also available.
If you have a clear purpose and purpose in advance, you can select software that is optimized for your specialized field, so you don't need to purchase a separate specialized dictionary and save the trouble of building a user dictionary from scratch. .


Advantages of translation software
・Highly specialized translation is easy to use.
・You can set the dictionary value by yourself.

Disadvantages of translation software (notes)
・It cannot be used immediately just by installing the software (environment setting takes time).
・Use of the software itself requires a certain degree of proficiency.

There are various types of translation software, from paid to free. If you are in a highly specialized field,By using the initial translation dictionary values installed in software and translation machines in advance, it is possible to carry out highly accurate translations on your own..
However, if you consider that the operation of the machine itself is complicated and you have to maintain the detailed dictionary values yourself,Unless you use it very frequently, it may not be cost effective.

Translation Memory Form

​Laughtey suggests

Learning type cheap translation service

Translation Memory Form

[What is the Translation Memory Form proposed by Laughtey?] ]

In addition to the above two translation services (translation agency service, translation software),The spread of translation memory based on the idea of creating a database of translations and recycling them is progressing.

In the case of both translation agency and translation software, the idea is that "if you want to use it for a long time, you want to automatically learn the translated words once with AI, etc., and automatically translate them at a low cost (low cost) and use them repeatedly." , is called a CAT tool.

Some translation software has this function called translation memory as standard, and by setting dictionary values yourself, you can improve the accuracy of translated words repeatedly and improve long-term cost performance. It's a way.

moreover,There is also a method to further improve the performance by performing machine translation of the translation set at this time.

Advantages of Translation Memory
・You can customize the translation by yourself
・In the case of translated words that are used repeatedly, the cost is overwhelmingly lower than the translation agency service
・Past dictionary values (database) can be transferred even when the software or machine used is changed.

Disadvantages of Translation Memory (Notes)
・Machine and software compatible with Translation Memory are required.
・In the case of one-time translation work, the cost tends to be high.

So far, I have introduced various translation services.

In addition to "translation accuracy" and "translation cost" that are important for business

Don't you think "format" is important?


Enter the translated word in a predetermined format.

This is actually the most time consuming and labor intensive task.

​In the case of a translation agency, it is not uncommon for an optional fee to be charged for complicated formats, and to reproduce the format with translation software, considerable skill is required. Also, once the format is decided, it cannot be easily changed.

Transcribing the translated words is the most labor intensive part of translation.


By format (format) decided from the beginning

​Set the translation memory (Translation Memory) at once

By creating a database from the format,

Produces low cost and high performance


This is what Laughtey suggests

TMF (Translation Memory Form).

[Translaton Memory Form proposed by Laughtey]

・ No need to worry about the option unit price <CustomerDelivery in designated form>

・Even technical terms are OK<TM environment complete. 50,000 words of rich technical terms >

・No need to purchase special software <We carry out everything from dictionary registration to maintenance>

​・Speed delivery anytime, anywhere



Develop a professional concierge for each customer...

For terms that are used repeatedly, industry terms are memorized, and general terms are machine-translated.

By using (nurturing) it repeatedly, you will be able to use it permanently at an amazingly low cost, with translations that are as accurate as a dedicated concierge for your customers.

​Also,We free our customers from the most labor intensive and cumbersome task of "transcription to form".

Please feel free to contact us first

​ Learn more!


Image of using the Translation Memory Form

TMF is a non-stop solution.

​ Just provide the data you want to translate and we're done.

■Hardware purchase No need.

■Software purchase No need.

■Dictionary value registration Not required.

​■ Fixed form posting Not required.

​The unit price for each item will be agreed upon with the customer.

Supported types of Translation Memory Form


■Case studies

In January 2017, we are officially translating an Excel file of product specifications from a retail company.

The number of original words as the number of cells in the product specification file isAbout 70,000 (including text)

Assuming an average unit price of 10 yen per Japanese to English translation,700,000 yenIt will become.

Also, when we requested a certain company from us, one file300,000 yenI got an estimate for

1 file unit price implemented by our companyteeth,20,000 yen or lessI'm doing it.

​→Conditions: At least 80 files are requested every month.

​ No upper limit is set. We have a track record of translating 150 files per month.

*The PDF translation service is still a child, even for TMF. It will be a service that will grow from now on

Depending on the original data file extension of PDF, it may not be supported (as of March 2017).

*If the original data you want to translate is an "image" such as JPEG or PNG, it cannot be translated by TMF, but if you let our staff "convert the image data into text" on your behalf, the translation is possible. Please contact us for details.


Please feel free to contact us first

​ Learn more!


Translation Memory Form cost image


The TMF service starts with training a dedicated concierge for each customer.

​Please allow a "trial period" when you start using the service.

The longer you stay with us, the more your exclusive customer concierge develops.

Cost performance can be demonstrated.

*Regarding the review of the unit price per item, we will set the period for each customer.. ​

Flow until service in


Please contact us first.

"Tell me a little bit" or "I'd like to see a review" is OK.



Please let us know the details of your request.

​Email, telephone, visit, and video conference for remote customers.


Presenting a new proposal and trial estimate from our company

Based on what we heard at the briefing, we will organize the work content, and then set the trial period and present an estimate of the man-hours for the period.


It doesn't cost you anything up to this point.


trial start

We will start training the concierge with the content according to the arrangement with the customer.

Some children grow quickly, and some may grow a little late, but I will do my best to raise them.


Suggestion of unit price per item

At the end of the trial period, we will announce the child we raised and present a future growth plan.

We will do our best to keep you growing!

* Image after growth. ​


Please feel free to contact us first

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