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#1 About Aout Us - Laughtey
We provide consulting services for "system development" ranging from "business analytics" to optimal operation. Analysis technology and data volume are means, not ends.The purpose is to be useful in all business activities, such as product development that meets customer needs and quality improvement of support operations.
[what can you do for people! 】 theme, we will consult for a more optimal system proposal.
We will promote more realistic systemization with an eye on the operation side after system introduction and help spread efficiency. We will support systemization by making use of all the experiences we have cultivated so far, such as proposals, improvements, requirements examination, detailed design, programming, testing, introduction support, system explanation, and education.
Upon customer request, we also provide project management services.
(It may be easier to understand if it is a project controller that undertakes one project at once.)


laugh [verb] [intransitive verb]
(out loud) laugh

《★【Synonyms】Smile is a laugh with only the expression of the face without raising a voice; grin is a smile that opens the mouth wider than a smile, showing teeth and laughing only in the face without making a sound; chuckle is without opening the mouth It means a low, contented, quiet laugh, often used when laughing to oneself;

■ Management Philosophy

Pursue and act to make everyone involved with Rafty smile.

Always think and act on what you can do for people.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.

To become a person who can be thankful for suffering, and to pursue it.

Ø Absorb changes in the world and have a flexible consciousness without being bound by fixed ideas.



they, they, that person, that person

◆3rd person singular nominative.


Rafty always thinks, "What can we do for people?"
Rafty never gives up in pursuit of making people smile.  
Rafty does not overestimate success, always returns to the basics, and never forgets a sense of humility.
Rafty lives as if he were to die tomorrow, and values learning as if he were to live forever.
Rafty never forgets to take on challenges even with cutting-edge technology.

Rafty will act with the attitude of "employees rather than customer employees" when serving customers.

Rafty does not blame people or things, but thinks and acts as a personal growth.



■ Company name Rafty Co., Ltd. 
company name "Laughtey"

■ Location 〒272-0146  1-3-14 Hiroo, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture 
Headquarter  1-3-14 Hiroo, Ichikawa City, Chiba

TEL 080-3785-3773

■ Inquiries

■Established   May 2014
Founded   May,2014

■ Representative Okumura  Tetsuji
CEO "Tetsuji Okumura"

■ Business content
​ Project Controller
   IT Service Implementation Consultant
​ RFI/RFP creation
SE and PM agency service
Implementation of Salesforce
 Website creation
Web application introduction support
BPO (business outsourcing service)
​ Used goods sales (secondhand dealer)
■ Business scale
Financial information, etc. is disclosed below.
Business area

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