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project management


What is a project

"It is a 'temporary task' performed to create a unique product, service or result."

is defined as

A typical business project has a success rate of only 35%.

There is project management to increase the success rate of the project

The existence of a project manager who promotes management

It becomes indispensable for the project.

Project plan

Execution plan



looking back


project pitfalls


Part 1 Project Plan (business improvement plan) and Execution Plan (execution plan) are different.

The goal of the systemization plan is the creation of new value, streamlining and sophistication of operations, and the content and quality required vary, but at this stage it is forbidden to expect too much from the system.
Correctly recognize the gap between the ideal state (Goal) and the current situationIf you don't do it, even if you make a grand plan to jump one or two, you will fail.
To avoid this, we need to understand the difference between the Project Plan and the Execution Plan and constantly ask the Goal where we are. The entrance to project management begins with clarifying the difference between this Goal setting and the Execution Plan, that is, the reality.
2. Run control (development progress or its management) should not be rushed.
It is common sense in business to complete work on time. Despite this, run control (checks and balances to keep the development schedule as planned) often causes unexpected things and sudden problems.
here,If you give priority to the delivery date, you will definitely suffer later..
Originally, at the stage of making an execution plan, we should look at the buffer (surplus capacity) until the delivery date, but especially
In the case of Project Plan =  Execution Plan, the schedule is really tight.
If you absolutely give priority to the delivery date, you need to make a decision to give up something as a trade-off. If the deliverables are full of bugs as a result of forcibly meeting the deadline, not only the customers who use them but also the creators will lose credibility, and no one will be happy. Laughtey spares no effort to create a win-win situation for everyone, but there have been cases where we have refused requests from the beginning if the schedule was such that we could only deliver half-finished deliverables.
Part 3: Projects without Looking Back will fail the next time.
This is not related to system development projects, but success stories are easy to convey, and failure stories are difficult to convey. Have you ever noticed that the difference between the Execution Plan and the Project Plan was too large due to the failure of the Execution Plan?
Admitting failure takes a lot of physical strength and energy, but without this work, neither the customer nor our company can grow.
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Success story

Here are just a few examples of projects we have entrusted with project management.

Ultra-fast PDCA! Build a seminar reservation site

■ Customer issues
Requests from customers who are hosting specialized work or seminars in a specific field.
"This system I'm using now, the person in charge is no longer transferred, and I don't really understand how to use it."
"I'm trying to register for classes on the website, but something seems to be wrong!"
"All the tallying of students is done manually."
"I want this website to have new features."
"I don't really know how to use it, so ask Mr. A!"
in short
There is a problem with the "web reception screen for various seminars" that you are using, and you want to fix it quickly, but you do not know where to ask. In addition, I want a function to make my work more efficient! It was a request.
■ Solution approach
In this case, it all came down to an interview when setting up the Project Plan. Customer needs are as above.The essential issue is "personalization of work"It was in As soon as the person in charge of the system was absent due to a personnel change, the system stopped working.
The project plan (business improvement plan) is "standardization of the operation of the seminar reception site".
Execution Plan is"Improve efficiency from creation of new seminars to total reception work"have become.
As you can see, the goal is not to improve IT, but to solve operational problems.
Here, we added a little IT element and entered Run (development).
■Delivery date
As mentioned above, the points required for the system are very few.
・Anyone can do the same work.
・Make tabulation work easier.
Since these two points were the only things we needed, we were able to complete everything from business analysis to the introduction of the new system (project completion) in just 1.5 months.
Points of Project Management (Branch Point to Success)
It was very important that we were able to get into not only visible problems (for example, the website input form is broken) and customer requests, but also essential problems.
In particular, IT management work tends to be dependent on the individual and it is difficult to see the contents, but I think that "there is no need to see it in the first place" is the ultimate. For this customer, We believe that we should hold more and more seminars, strengthen the points of contact with participants, and spend time improving the quality of the seminars themselves without incurring costs for system maintenance and operation. I tried.
■ Cost/effect
*Completed with a 50% reduction in development budget and a 30% reduction in delivery time compared to the customer's initial development budget.
■ Environment used Platform,

Emphasis on Immediate Results! Customer Website Development

■ Customer issues
A system that conducts web transactions in a specific field. The web trading system has weak leads to attract target users, and activation of the web trading system itself is an issue.
"Users are identified, but they don't use the trading system very well."
"If only this trading system was used, it would definitely lead to the next business."
"When business negotiations are held between people in charge, there is no evidence (trail) of the transaction agreement left."
"Do you have any ideas for increasing the utilization of this system?"
"Better yet, let's make a rule that you can't trade without using this system..."
in short
We are considering a "compulsory use rule" because customers may miss business opportunities if the utilization of the "web trading system" does not increase as expected, or because the consensus building of the transaction does not remain in the form. It was a consultation.
■ Solution approach
In analyzing the business using this "web trading system", I learned how important the web trading system is,Users who actually use the "web trading system" do not understand the multi-functionality of the system itself.found an important point.
The project plan (business improvement plan) is "improvement of web transaction system utilization".
Execution Plan has become "creation of function introduction page and input authority inquiry page".
The "web trading system" itself has various functions, and I thought that if we could use it effectively, it would certainly expand our business opportunities. However, input users who are referred to as customer "specific people" are further categorized (can see/cannot see, can/cannot see, etc.) The main problem was that users did not understand it.
I thought that disseminating the "mandatory use rules" as it is would only create a negative image, so I decided to "introduce" functions such as "What is a web trading system?" We have entered the Run (development) of the site page for 'Inquiry', 'Introduction' and 'Inquiry'.
■Delivery date
In this case, it took a lot of time to "understand the current situation", which started with a lot of hypotheses.
After the project plan (business improvement plan) is completedExecution Plan (creation of function introduction page and input authority inquiry page) is managed by our company in cooperation with multiple system development vendors, and the delivery date is 3.5 months as originally promised. completed with
■ Project management points (turning points to success)
Due to the privacy of our customers, we cannot explain the details, but if we had adopted a system-based "forced use rule", there is no doubt that both the development cost and the development deadline would have been much cheaper and completed faster. However, we have been able to work together with the customer who made a bold decision to cut even the essential issues, and with multiple IT development vendors who understood the purpose of the project and worked hard.Creating a “team” is the key to successwas.
■ Cost/effect
*Completed at 96% of the initial customer's development budget and 100% of the delivery date.
*We achieved 122% utilization rate KPI of the initially set "web trading system" in the first month.
■ Environment used
Build a website in HTML format for the virtual platform in use by the customer
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